Research on Mars
for development on Earth

Milan, 11-12 May 2018
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The conference

Mars To Earth 2018 will focus on the applications of the Mars / Space research programs which are already available to trigger added valued economic impact on terrestrial commercial and industrial activities. The Human exploration of Mars will generate a positive effect on many industrial sectors on Earth, contributing to a radical change in the technological and economic scenario on our mother planet.

The conference welcomes people from industrial and space research backgrounds as well as potential investors to meet together to analyze joint possibilities of future cooperation.

The location of the conference, the city of Milan, is at the heart of one of the most important industrialized areas in the world, and hopes to be an omen for the future role of Europe as recipient of the economic benefits arising from the exploration of Mars.


  1. Robotics
    Autonomous rovers, Robotics for exploration, inspection, assistance
  2. Medicine
    Human factors, Rehabilitation, telemedicine, human physiology, biology
  3. Resource
    In situ resource utilization, Energy, Food Productions, Plant Cultivation Technologies, Materials, Architecture
  4. Telecommunications
    Satellite telecommunications, remote sensing
  5. Virtual Reality
    Virtual Training, VR/AR for safety check, maintenance, inspection
  6. Students
    Poster Session, students projects

Call For Papers

Technical papers and posters addressing the topics of Mars To Earth  are welcome. To submit a proposal of a paper/posters to be presented during the Workshop, please send an abstract to the following e-mail address:

The abstract must be in English language with a maximum length of 500 words and must contain:

  1. Title of the work;
  2. First name, last name, phone numbers, e-mail address and company of the author/s;
  3. A brief summary of the content that will be addressed in the paper with an indication of the selected topics;
  4. A presentation of the main results of the paper.

Abstracts and posters submission deadline is 20th April 2018.


The conference will be advertised in the main Italian and international media.

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11-12 May 2018


Regione Lombardia


Politecnico di Torino

Polytechnic of Turin


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Auditorium Testori
Palazzo Lombardia, Auditorium Tintori
Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1 – 20124 Milano


From the airport: take the shuttle to the Central train station
Subway stop: Centrale


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Palazzo Lombardia

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