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AWARD 2020 Edition

Mars To Earth Award is assigned to Students projects in four categories:

  • Mars / Moon / Space Design
  • Space Medicine
  • Mars / Moon / Space Robotics
  • Mars Studies, Simulation and Application

Check the 3 winning projects!

The first category includes all the projects related the use of design technologies applied to Mars, Moon, Space Colonization.
The second category refers to the research and application in Space Medicine.
The third category includes all the projects which foresee an use of robotics technology for Space applications.
In the fourth category the students may present any project which demonstrates a terrestrial application of a research developed in the sector of Mars research, also including simulation based on Virtual /Augmented / Techniques.

Who can partecipate to the Mars To Earth Award? Any student single or in team from high school till university.

The evaluation of the projects is done by the Mars To Earth Award International Jury.