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NamES: Luo Lan, Xhon Beqiri, Tian Miao, Zanjanchi Sana

CaTegory: Mars / Moon / Space Design
Title: Demeter

Creating non-horizontal and vertical system for building to experience the weightlessness and the freedom of space on the moon, self-growing tubes for gas and substance exchange

Project key words: Weightlessness Space Design, Sustainable Lunar Greenhouse

Space applications of the project: Non-horizontal and vertical system of Architecture

Earth applications of the project: Extreme environment Architecture Exploration for Earth

Message: Because of the lack of the Biosphere which is like on the earth, and the lack of the protective atmosphere, the moon does not have the strong capability of heat storage and the strong circular buffering function due to the enormous Biosphere on earth. Therefore, to have a permanent living space on the moon will be difficult, but we can hope for a relatively long-term habitation on moon by means of the natural momentum which is special on the moon if we can take a good advantage fo the huge lunar temperature difference. Besides, if we can establish a large greenhouse on the moon which is supplied by the natural substances existed already on the moon and is supplied by the electricity and drive derived from the temperature difference, the problem of sustainability for human to live on an outer space planet will be solved and we can probably create a second home out of our beautiful earth. Since the influence of the micro-gravity on moon, the sloping space will not cause inconvenience for people’s life, so that the space design on moon will not be limited in the total horizontal and vertical system, and people can experience the real freedom of living in a new space.