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Name: Ivana Dzida

CaTegory: Mars / Moon / Space Design
Title: Mars Habitat: living in microgravity

In space, in architectural space and in space architecture human body is the main actor. Understanding body’s integration with the space it occupies is an imperative of any design project. And yet, when it comes to architecture of extreme environments, aspect of human experience and well-being becomes neglected compared to technological development. Mars in an ultimate blank canvas. Designing architecture for this new environment means to understand how to design in a local surrounding. Nevertheless, the difference in the gravity levels introduces completely new context to work within. Based on studies of human locomotion in microgravity, the goal of the research is to define the translation of terrestrial parameters to new gravity environment. The project experiments with how new movement patterns influence not only spatial layout, but also human daily life. On the other side, extra-terrestrial habitats have a very basic mission: to keep humans inside alive.

Project keywords: microgravity, additive construction, habitat, human movement, well-being

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